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Solly Baby Wrap Prints/Stripes

Solly Baby Wrap carrier is perfect for a babywearing parent who want to create a womb-like environment that makes baby feel secure, safe, and comfortable.
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With the Solly Baby Wrap, created by mama Elle Rowley, no detail has been overlooked. Solly Baby wrap carrier fabrics are custom made and dyed, using only the finest knit fabrics available with the perfect stretch. Solly Baby wraps are lighter and slimmer than any traditional wrap to avoid overheating you or your baby, making it ideal for year-round use.

100% Certified Lenzing Modal is a luxuriously silky soft, sustainable knit made from the pulp of Austrian beechwood trees and manufactured in Los Angeles. It is incredibly lightweight, cool to the touch and gets softer with each wash all while being strong enough to be dried in a conventional dryer on low heat without wearing down. Solly Baby wrap carriers easily fold into itself and tuck nicely right into a little pouch on one end of the fabric for easy storage in your diaper bag.

Solly Baby wraps are designed for the first year of a child’s life or up to 25 lbs.
It feels like your baby is giving you a big, sweet hug every time you wear it!

  • Fabric: 100% Lenzing Modal
  • Care: Always wash in cold water on a delicate cycle and then low heat tumble dry.
  • Use from birth to 25 lbs.
  • Most wrap wearers will get the most use out of it in the first 9-12 months, so Solly Baby designed their wrap to be ideal for that time period rather than a toddler.
  • Hands free and one size fits all
  • Wrap instruction booklet included with wrap.
  • Forward facing and back carries are NOT recommended.
  • Solly Baby Wraps provide a womb-like environment for baby that makes them feel secure, safe, and comfortable.
  • Solly Baby Wraps distribute the weight evenly all over your upper body so it won’t tug on your shoulders or back and it naturally distributes baby’s weight correctly as well, without putting extra pressure on baby’s joints and spine like most carriers do.
  • Hip Healthy Certified

Benefits of Babywearing:

  • Reduces infant crying by 43%
  • Calms gas and reflux
  • Promotes bonding
  • Helps reduce postpartum depression


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